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Serving you is our greatest privilege

We are privileged to serve you in home care

Our aim is to work in partnership with all of our applicants, whether they are looking for permanent or temporary positions. We listen, learn and genuinely care about our applicants aspirations.

Karis Care cares about you

At Karis Care we are obsessed with making sure that every client that comes to us receives not just great care, but is also treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We place clients at the center of our thoughts, and the decisions we make both clinical and business is essential to transform our healthcare.

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Home Care is our greatest previlege

We endavour to be your guide, your pathfinder. We hold the light until you see the path. We are there when you need us most. It is a great blessing for us to work in an environment where we have the opportunity everyday to touch someone`s life so deeply. It is our responsibility to not just care for our clients, but to also embrace them. At Karis we promise to offer high quality, safe and compassionate level of care that clients deserve. We make sure our service is safe, caring, effective and re

Karis Care's Values

Our Values are pivotal to offering excellent quality, individuality and effective care to people we care and support. Our values help us to effectively recruit and mange staff who fit with our organisational culture and therefore deliver the best possible care and support.


Civility in behaviour and speech supported by the I am factor: I will be caring, I will be considerate, I will be respectful, I will be gentle, I will be gracious, I will be good mannered, I will be courteous.


Compassion in our caring supported by the I am factor: I will be caring, I will sensitive, I will be tolerant, I will be kind, I will be empathetic I will understand and share feelings of another.


Dignity in care supported by the I am factor: I will respect your privacy, I will listen to you and get to know your needs, I will communicate clearly, I will speak with grace, I will use appropriate language, I will be confidential.


Privacy of individuals in our care supported by the I am factor: I will respect your privacy, I will respect your home and family relations, I will respect your decisions and choices, I will respect and treat each person`s character differently.

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Jane A (Father of Client)

3 September 2018

My wonderful father died in July 2018 with MND. The care that Karis homecare gave my dad was everything you would want at such hard times. They were professional and understanding people making my dad feel at ease giving him the care and support he needed. I am so thankful to the carer for his support my dad was able to remain in his own home throughout his illness which meant so much to him. Thank you so very much. :))

Mrs M B (Daughter of Client)

3 September 2018

I would totally recommend Karis Care Services Ltd as they cared for my terminally ill mum for approximately 8 weeks and we could not have asked for a better service. They were always polite, respectful, listened and took a real interest in my mum, so we’re therefore equipped with the knowledge they needed to make her last weeks of life as happy and as comfortable as they could. As a family, we got to know the carers involved, and it was as if we’d known them for years and became, in a very short time, part of our family in effect. Mum felt completely at ease with them, she trusted them implicitly. She enjoyed their company and caring gentle attitude. They were very fast learners as to where things were in mum’s home, how she liked things cooked/served, etc, amongst other things. They would always keep me in the loop, particularly if they were concerned about any change in mum’s health. They always went the extra mile. My mum was their greatest fan, so I think that says everything!

A P (Son of Client)

20 September 2019

It became obvious from the start that the manager of Karis Care was motivated and interested in my father's care. Every aspect of the homecare was managed with a high degree of compassion. The care workers employed were excellent and nothing was left out. My father owes his last few weeks at home to the staff of Karis Care who provided such an excellent service. Thank you.

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