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Karis Care Is Here For You

At Karis Care, we’re dedicated to ensuring that each client who comes to us not only receives exceptional care but is also treated with utmost dignity, respect, and compassion. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and every decision we make, whether clinical or business-related, is driven by our commitment to improving healthcare and transforming lives.


We Strive for Perfection

We endavour to be your guide, your pathfinder. We hold the light until you see the path. We are there when you need us most. It is a great blessing for us to work in an environment where we have the opportunity everyday to touch someone`s life so deeply. It is our responsibility to not just care for our clients, but to also embrace them. At Karis we promise to offer high quality, safe and compassionate level of care that clients deserve. We make sure our service is safe, caring, effective and responsive to client needs. We support clients live their lives in the way they choose and experience the best possible health and quality of life outcomes.

Karis Care's Responds Quickly

Even though most health care requests are usually planned, Karis Care Services is able to respond spontaneously in situations as a result of an emergency or a late discharge from a hospital. We are also able to assist with major transitions such as assisted living to a member`s home, or into a family member`s home as part of a relocation.To remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home is the wish of most people when infirmities of age or difficulties arise from illness, accident or lifestyle choices. Whilst we cannot replace the love and support of family members, we are here to provide helpful and necessary services which reduce the difficult and often stressful aspects of family care giving. This will ensure loved ones remain cared for within the home.


Our office is manned 24 hours a day by an experienced member of staff so you can be reassured that we are always on hand to deal with any query from clients or staff. We believe in consistently serving one client at a time, by the best quality care needed.

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